PGXCovid.com was founded by Pro-GeneX Laboratories to answer a public safety need: to offer prompt COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing services leading the way for people to live their lives.

For businesses, they want answers to critical questions:
  • Are my Employees safe to work?
  • Do I have an employee with the COVID-19 virus?
  • Has someone already had the virus?
  • Can I certify my employees’ don’t have the virus?
COL(R) Stas’ C. Preczewski, PhD,
President Riverside Military Academy Gainesville, GA
…What I can tell you upfront is that Pro-GeneX has absolutely and completely exceeded our expectations in every single way—and that is after having tried other labs/venues. They held true to every promise and every deadline. This has allowed our campus to keep the virus at bay and conduct uninterrupted in-person classes for our hundreds of students. Mr. Rupard has made himself totally available to me at all times and has worked flawlessly with our entire nursing staff. He voluntarily trained them to ensure test procedures were followed and cross-contamination eliminated.
I rarely recommend any vendors—this is an exception. They are professional in every respect and have made our lives easier and safer here at Riverside. They are that good.

PGxCovid offers COVID-19 (Coronavirus) test results for employers, employees, and families in around 24 hours so people are comfortable working and being close to their community and family. If a business provides critical infrastructure, we prioritize helping your organization.

Our Physician and medical professionals provide organized and scheduled testing at your location. We are local and so results are ready, in most cases, the same or the next day.

Healthcare providers can order lab tests directly through email or phone at Specimens@Pro-Genex.com,
Call Us: (844) 794-3637

As always, please continue to keep a watchful eye on symptoms, distancing, disinfecting, and facemasks.